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Welcome to our blog: Feedback Welcome!

Our blog is an archive of the latest information on Discount Warehouse products. Below are some of the latest blog entries that our staff has put together for your reading:
New Camo Realtree Patterns - Xtra & Xtra Green!
By gw
10/20/2013 7:22:00 AM  
Realtree has come out with new Xtra camo patterns and we have them on the best caps. The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field. This camo pattern focuses on detail and contrast to blend perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It is designed to replicate the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out. Realtree Xtra Green is designed for early bow hunting season when more green is needed.

Check out one of our top selling caps in Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green...

realtree xtra camo cap

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Back to School - Sports Caps and Visors
By gw
8/26/2013 4:27:00 PM  
Well, summer is over and now it's back to school time. This is the time of year when we get lots of calls, emails, and orders from school districts and universities all over the country looking to outfit their baseball, softball, tennis, and other sports teams with hats, visors, and beanies. If you're a elementary, middle school, high school, or university coach, teacher, or administrator, we offer terms of net 30 days with bona fide School District or University Purchase Order.

The steps are simple:

1. Check out the website and find what you need for your school team

2. Give us a call at 800-872-5360, we'll place your order and answer and questions 

3. If you are using a PO, please make sure it is signed and numbered

4. If you're being reimbersed by the school, you can simply order on the website with a credit card, paypal, or your Amazon account

high school baseball team caps

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Go Beard or Go Home!
By gw
3/8/2013 12:53:00 PM  

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty you may know that Phil Robertson played college football at Louisiana Tech, starting ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Then he quit football to focus on duck hunting and eventually started the Duck Commander Company 40 years ago. Now fans of Phil, Si, Jase, Willie, and Jep can “unleash their wild spirit” with A&E’s new camo caps at Sport-Smart.com. Get back to nature with these durable camo and cotton canvas hats. Like our other camos, these are great for hunting, fishing, or just hanging out at the campsite. We even have ladies styles for those without beards. Go low tech in the high tech world…but you still use soap if you like…unlike Si.

Check out all the Duck Dynasty Caps Now

Duck Dynasty

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Headbands for Winter Sports
By gw
2/3/2013 12:00:00 PM  
If you play sports when its cold or even freezing outside but don't want to get overheated with a full beanie cap, then winter headbands may be just what you need. We're always talking to winter sports junkies this time of year who are concerned about either getting too hot or having their heads sweat and then having the sweat get too cold inside their hat. This is a very common issue for basketball players and runners, for mountian sports like skiing and snowboarding, and of course for hunting, hockey, and ice skating. Very often, the best solution is headbands. They cover your ears, which are very sensitive to cold, and fit tightly, but not too tight, around your head so they won't fall off. The trick is to find the best material and size for comfort, and the best colors for style or to match your team uniform. Check out some of our most popular winter headband styles at Sport-Smart or browse all our winter sports headwear.
camo headbandwicking headbandcotton headband

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How to measure your head for the perfect hat size
By gw
1/6/2013 11:25:00 AM  

A hat is an important accessory for many people. There are many types, designs and styles to choose from. However, no matter what type of hat you choose it will not look good unless it is the perfect fit. Fitting your head for a hat is no different than fitting yourself for a pair of shoes. You would not buy a size 8 if your foot is a 9 right? This is why measuring your head to ensure a proper fit is so important.

There are three basic steps when it comes to measuring your head for a hat.

Step 1: Take a cloth measuring tape and place it around your head. The tape should begin at the center of your forehead and wrapped around completely until the other end meets the tip in the middle of your forehead.

Step 2: Be sure to hold the beginning part of the measuring tape and wrap in around your head slowly and deliberately. Wrap the measuring tape right above your ears as this is where the bottom of the hat will sit. Once you make it all the way around, write down the measurement.

Step 3: Look at a measurement chart for hats to convert the size you wrote down to the standard hat sizes. This will allow you to choose the size that is perfect for your head. For example, if your head size is 21 ½ inches, your hat size will be 6 ¾ inches or small. If head measures 25 inches then you hat size will be 7 7/8th or extra extra large.

If you want to double check your size or you do not have a measuring tape, take a piece of yarn or string and wrap it around your head. Then take the yarn and measure it against a tape measure or ruler to ensure that your initial measurement is accurate. And this is how to get the right hat size for your head!

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NEW - Blaze Orange College Team Caps
By gw
11/20/2012 12:43:00 PM  
Florida Gators Blaze Orange Cap

Hunters know that Blaze Orange is not only safe but also required by law in many areas. We are happy to offer the new Blaze College Team hats featuring  your favorite universities. Hunters aren't the only ones who seem to love these hats. Since we put them on the website a couple weeks ago, we've sold many to snowboarders, skiers, fishing clubs, and of course college sports fans.

Teams include Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, LSU, Nebraska, North Carloina, Ole Miss, Tennesee, Texas, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

Blaze Orange College Team Cap Features:

Profile: Soft Structured, Low Profile

Material: Polyester with Q3 Moisture Wicking Sweatband

Closure Type: Adjustable D-Fit Closure

Sizes: One Size Fits Most

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Tags: college team baseball caps
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, golf
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Blaze Orange Hats - The Most Visible Color for Hunting
By jwq
10/28/2012 1:15:00 PM  
If you’re a hunter, you know that blaze orange is a must, not only because it’s instantly recognizable but also because it’s the law in many areas. Blaze orange is bright and not found in nature so it provides great contrast to camouflage hunting gear and natural foliage. This safety aspect makes blaze orange caps, visors, and other head gear required in many parts of the country when hunting for bear, hogs, deer, rabbit, pheasant, quail, and other game. In addition to blaze headgear, blaze orange is also required on many body parts. It is a good idea for everyone on game lands during hunting season to wear blaze orange hats, caps, and visors. At Sport-Smart, we have dozens of blaze hat options to choose from including beanies, visors, bucket hats, boonie hats, jones hats, and ball caps. Click here to see them all or check out these blaze orange favorites.

Blaze Orange Hunting HatBlaze Orange Hunting CapBlaze Orange Jones Hat

Hunters in Blaze Orange

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Mossy Oak Camo Caps For Hunting
By gw
9/2/2012 11:32:00 AM  

Hunters everywhere know Mossy Oak camouflage. It's one of the most recognizable outdoor lifestyle brands for hunting hats. Mossy Oak camo cap patterns help hunters blend in perfectly from duck hunting in a marsh to big game hunting in the mountains and everything in between. There are several camo styles including caps, beanies, and bucket hats, and several camo patterns to fit your needs all year round.

Mossy Oak BeanieMossy Oak Brand Camo

Mossy Oak Break Up or MOBU has a natural tree bark background with oak limbs and deep shadows. MOBU is an all around camouflage pattern for wooded and marshy areas to blend in with trees, branches, and leaves.

101LP MOBUCMK405 MOBU Beanie

Mossy Oak Obsession is similar to MOBU but has a lighter background and more green tones. This makes it great for spring and summer hunting season, including bowhunting, for turkeys and ducks.

Mossy Oak bsession 411EX315M MOBU

Mossy Oak Treestand is popular with hunters in elevated positions and platforms. The bare tree limb base pattern is perfect for hunting white tails in the fall season.

MO Treestand Cap CGW-115350 Treestand

Mossy Oak Duck Blind is a favorite pattern for duck and goose hunting. Wet and dry dirt colors combine with grasses, oats, and stalks for blending in while hunting in fields, marshes, riverbanks, reeds, and bottom lands.

GRX-350 Jones Hat Duck BlindCGWV-100 Duck Blind

Mossy Oak Brush will help you disappear in open ranges including mountains, foothills, and ridge lands. Brush is a popular camo cap with big game hunters and has a base pattern of dirt and grass.

350 Brush301IS Brush

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Wearing Hats for Sun Protection
By gw
7/22/2012 8:21:00 AM  

Though many hats are designed for fashion, the most practical reason for wearing hats is sun protection. Exposing your skin to the rays of the sun can be extremely damaging. Even when you apply sunscreen, the face, ears and scalp are often either forgotten about or not ever considered. These are important areas and can easily develop burns or even skin cancer. Wearing a hat can help protect these sensitive areas, keeping them safe from possible damage. However, you should of course wear sun block in addition to a protective hat.

When looking for the perfect hat for the most sun protection, ideally you should look for one that has a wide brim. Standard baseball caps will give you some protection, as will visors but a wide brim hat will give your head and face fuller coverage. A brim will keep the sun off your face, ears and neck. For men or women with short hair consider a cap with a neck flap that covers the back of you neck too.  That is an area that is hard to cover with sunscreen and can easily get burned.

Most importantly you should find a hat that is comfortable, fits well and looks good so you'll be more inclined to wear it while exercising outdoors, sitting on the sidelines at a game or even while running errands. So, take care in choosing your sun hat and remember that there is one more excellent reason to wear a wide brimmed sun protector – you do not have to worry too much about fixing your hair; it will be covered by your stylish and protective new hat!

Camo Sun HatSun Hat for SportsBlaze orange sun hatWide brim sun hat

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Fitted or Adjustable Caps - Which Is Best or You?
By jw
7/7/2012 1:26:00 PM  

There are a few basic things to consider when deciding on fitted or adjustable caps. Lets be clear on the major differences.

Adjustable caps have a mechanism on the back to adjust the size and fit of the cap and also have an opening in the fabric above the mechanism. Most adjustable caps are “one size fits most.” Adjustable caps are usually cheaper than fitted caps. 

Adjustable Florida Gators CapPonytail cap

Who wears adjustable caps?

Lots of people like to adjust the size of their hats depending on different uses. For example they make their hats tighter when running in windy conditions.

Parents and coaches like adjustable hats for their teams (little league, softball, etc.) because they don't have to worry about measuring and sizing each team member's head.

Also, lots of women (and men) with long hair prefer adjustable hats because they can put their hair in a ponytail and stick it through the back opening of the cap which makes sports and other activities more comfortable.

What are the different types of adjustable caps?

  • Plastic Snap

  • Hook/Loop Tape (Velcro)

  • Tuck Strap With Slide Buckle

  • Self Strap Metal Buckle

  • D-Fit

  • Nylon Clip 

Fitted caps have no mechanism to adjust the size of the cap and have closed backs, with no opening. They come in different sizes (XS to XXL depending on the item) and have stretchable fabric that wraps around your head. You should measure your head to make sure you get the best fit…like any other type of fitted clothing.

Black fitted cap

Who wears fitted caps?

Teams and leagues love fitted hats as part of their uniforms because of the tailored, clean look.

Fashion oriented sports enthusiasts and individuals (including many celebrities) also like fitted caps because of their clean look and higher quality appearance…especially with flat visors or brims that have a more urban look.

And last but not least, bald guys LOVE fitted caps Vs. adjustable caps...so they don't get sun burns like this!

Bald Guy Sunburn

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Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, hunting, golf, fishing
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