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Welcome to our blog: Feedback Welcome!

Our blog is an archive of the latest information on Discount Warehouse products. Below are some of the latest blog entries that our staff has put together for your reading:
It's finally getting cold, so keep your head warm
By info@sport-smart.com
1/10/2016 4:51:00 PM  
Feels so good to have a dry, warm head when you're hunting, skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, or playing sports and it's freezing outside. We have lots of new cold weather styles in knit or fleece or a combination of the two. Available at https://www.sport-smart.com/.../Knit-Fleece-Beanie-Caps.asp

warm knit beanie capcamo beaniered beanie

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Tags: beanies, warm hats, winter sports hats
Categories: athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports
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Want real warmth while hunting? Try a Balaclava!
By gw
11/26/2014 2:54:00 PM  
fleece balaclava
The ultimate in warmth, these fleece balaclava's are favorites for hunters, snowboarders, and skiers. The best for extreme cold protection with double later fleece and a face opening with a drawstring and togggles. If you're into trivia, the name Balaclava comes from the Battle of Balaclava in 1854 in Crimea.

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Tags: fleece hunting hats, balaclava
Categories: hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports
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What is a bomber hat?
By gw
1/22/2014 11:44:00 AM  
Bomber hats are also called aviator hats. They have been around since the early 20th century and were first used by pilots of open cockpit planes to keep their heads and ears warm while flying. Whille planes have had closed cockpits for a very long time now, the style never went out of fashion. In fact, we get lots of requests for these warm, comfortable hats every winter. Especially this winter of 2014! 

Check out our colorful Knit Bomber with tassles here for only $15.95, available in 13 color choices.

bomber hat

Or for a more tradional bomber hat, check out our Canvas/Fleece Bomber for only $11.95, available in 3 color choices.

Canvas Bomber

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Tags: bomber hats, aviator hats
Categories: sports blogs, athletic apparel, skiing, snowboarding, winter sports
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Headbands for Winter Sports
By gw
2/3/2013 12:00:00 PM  
If you play sports when its cold or even freezing outside but don't want to get overheated with a full beanie cap, then winter headbands may be just what you need. We're always talking to winter sports junkies this time of year who are concerned about either getting too hot or having their heads sweat and then having the sweat get too cold inside their hat. This is a very common issue for basketball players and runners, for mountian sports like skiing and snowboarding, and of course for hunting, hockey, and ice skating. Very often, the best solution is headbands. They cover your ears, which are very sensitive to cold, and fit tightly, but not too tight, around your head so they won't fall off. The trick is to find the best material and size for comfort, and the best colors for style or to match your team uniform. Check out some of our most popular winter headband styles at Sport-Smart or browse all our winter sports headwear.
camo headbandwicking headbandcotton headband

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Tags: winter sports hats, headbands
Categories: sports blogs, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports, golf, fishing
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NEW - Blaze Orange College Team Caps
By gw
11/20/2012 12:43:00 PM  
Florida Gators Blaze Orange Cap

Hunters know that Blaze Orange is not only safe but also required by law in many areas. We are happy to offer the new Blaze College Team hats featuring  your favorite universities. Hunters aren't the only ones who seem to love these hats. Since we put them on the website a couple weeks ago, we've sold many to snowboarders, skiers, fishing clubs, and of course college sports fans.

Teams include Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, LSU, Nebraska, North Carloina, Ole Miss, Tennesee, Texas, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

Blaze Orange College Team Cap Features:

Profile: Soft Structured, Low Profile

Material: Polyester with Q3 Moisture Wicking Sweatband

Closure Type: Adjustable D-Fit Closure

Sizes: One Size Fits Most

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Tags: college team baseball caps
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, golf
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Sports Visors Vs. Baseball Caps
By gw
8/12/2012 2:46:00 PM  
Two of our most popular headwear items are sports visors and baseball caps and customers often want to discuss the differences. Both visors and caps are made to help protect you from the sun’s rays and look stylish.

The sports visor is also known as a visor cap or sun visor. It is a hat that is crownless, consisting only of a brim and a strap that circles around the head. Only the face is protected, which keeps the sun’s rays from reaching the eyes, cheeks, forehead and nose. It does not however protect the ears and the top of the head. Those who have thin hair or are bald should avoid using sun visors as a method of sun protection. Visors are great for active outdoor sports like tennis, golf, volleyball, and running because they are comfortable, reduce sun glare, and keep the top of your head cooler than traditional ball caps.

sun visorwicking sport visor

A baseball cap is a soft hat that has a round crown and a bill that is stiff. The bill juts out in the front to protect the eyes and face from the sun. The first protocol for the baseball hat surfaced in 1860, but the stiff bill affect did not come into play until the 1940’s and is considered the birth of the modern day baseball cap.

There are many styles of baseball caps including adjustable caps (with velcro, snaps, and buckles), fitted hats, and flat bills, made from cotton, wool, moisture wicking, and many other materials. Baseball hats shield the wearers face from the sun and protect the top of the head. The ear coverage is slight but can help in preventing sunburn if used along with sun screen.

TGS1965XBaseball team hat

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Tags: Sports visors and ball caps
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, snowboarding, golf
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Wearing Hats for Sun Protection
By gw
7/22/2012 8:21:00 AM  

Though many hats are designed for fashion, the most practical reason for wearing hats is sun protection. Exposing your skin to the rays of the sun can be extremely damaging. Even when you apply sunscreen, the face, ears and scalp are often either forgotten about or not ever considered. These are important areas and can easily develop burns or even skin cancer. Wearing a hat can help protect these sensitive areas, keeping them safe from possible damage. However, you should of course wear sun block in addition to a protective hat.

When looking for the perfect hat for the most sun protection, ideally you should look for one that has a wide brim. Standard baseball caps will give you some protection, as will visors but a wide brim hat will give your head and face fuller coverage. A brim will keep the sun off your face, ears and neck. For men or women with short hair consider a cap with a neck flap that covers the back of you neck too.  That is an area that is hard to cover with sunscreen and can easily get burned.

Most importantly you should find a hat that is comfortable, fits well and looks good so you'll be more inclined to wear it while exercising outdoors, sitting on the sidelines at a game or even while running errands. So, take care in choosing your sun hat and remember that there is one more excellent reason to wear a wide brimmed sun protector – you do not have to worry too much about fixing your hair; it will be covered by your stylish and protective new hat!

Camo Sun HatSun Hat for SportsBlaze orange sun hatWide brim sun hat

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Tags: sun hat, sun cap, sports hats, sun protection, wide brim hats, caps with neck flaps
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports, golf, fishing
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The Benefits of Moisture Wicking Hats, Caps, and Visors
By gw
6/9/2012 1:14:00 PM  
If you are a sports enthusiast who does not let the warm weather slow you down, moisture wicking caps are exactly what you need. In fact, anyone who exerts themselves to the point of sweating can benefit from this type of cap. By wearing a moisture wicking cap you are ensuring that your perspiration is moved to the outside of the fabric, making you feel much cooler than you would with traditional caps. These caps also dry the perspiration much faster than traditional cotton fabric hats so they are often referred to as quick dry hats. Many baseball and softball teams switch to moisture wicking caps during the summer. They are also popular with hikers, tennis players, golfers and any other people who enjoy a good workout no matter what the thermometer says! Click here to browse our selection of mositure wicking hats at the lowest prices!

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Tags: moisture wicking hats
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports, golf, fishing
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Kids & Youth Caps & Visors: Making your kids look like pros since 1988!
By gw
5/27/2012 7:27:00 AM  
At Smart-Sport.com we offer top of the line baseball caps for kids and youths at the lowest prices. With lots of styles to choose from you will have no problem finding exactly what you need for any occasion. Our caps come in various sizes to fit most all kids and other young people and our prices cannot be beat – especially for sporting teams who need to buy in bulk!

Choose from jersey mesh and cotton twill visors, camos and bucket hats, and cotton twill and jersey mesh baseball caps. Our color choices vary widely and correspond to your favorite professional baseball team colors, both two-tones and single colors. If visors are what you are looking for, you will have a plethora of color choices to pick from. No matter what your child’s (or teams) age range is, there is a hat to fit them! You may even want to consider buying adult extra small sizes with adjustable straps so it can be worn for longer than one season. No matter what you choose, we are certain that you will be satisfied with any purchase made from Sport-Smart.com!

little league baseball player

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Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, skiing, snowboarding, golf
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Flat Brim Hats
By jw
5/21/2012 3:12:00 PM  
Whether you call them flat brim, flat visor, or flat bill hats, this style continues to become more popular. Why? Because they are both stylish and functional! We sell these like crazy to little league teams as well as individuals who wear them out on the town. This time of year, as the weather gets even hotter, the flat brim moisture wicking caps are especially in high demand. Even Rihanna loves them - check out this article.

Click here to see all our flat bill hats now!

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Tags: flat brim, flat visor, flat bill
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized, athletic apparel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, winter sports, golf, fishing
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