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Our blog is an archive of the latest information on Discount Warehouse products. Below are some of the latest blog entries that our staff has put together for your reading:
Sport-Smart Featured in Internet Retailer
By jvm
5/26/2009 8:19:00 AM  
After a wonderful holiday weekend in which the Atlanta Braves swept the Toronto Blue Jays to kick off inter-league play, I came into the office to find a stellar read online from quite a reputable source: Internet Retailer.

Featured in Friday's press releases I encountered a particularly intriguing piece highlighting Sport-Smart and its transition online from e-merchant to e-tailing pioneer. Sport-Smart's front-woman and lady behind the hats, Aimee, noted that "
We are very pleased with the launch of our new site and already seeing results...ShopVisible’s ecommerce solution has allowed us to eliminate business inefficiencies so we can focus on serving our customers and growing our business.”

We had a great holiday weekend at Sport-Smart with our famlies and friends. But we also did some good business online...If you know of any summer leagues getting under way soon and in need of some baseball hats...well, give us a call!

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Baseball News and Baseball Hats
By jvm
5/1/2009 9:17:00 AM  
Dear Baseball fans out there,

Baseball season is in full swing now and as spring winds down and summer heats up, the baseball hat selling enthusiasts at Sport-Smart would like to offer our fans some MLB baseball draft news as well as highlight some great products to spice up any baseball team's attire.

First on the agenda: MLB draft to be televised finally!

"This could be nirvana for baseball junkies. The baseball draft, long conducted on a conference call and away from the eyes and ears of fans, will be televised live on the new MLB Network in June. The first three rounds, anyway. The rest of the 50 rounds will be conducted by conference call, on the two days after the televised show."

Our capital's team, the Washington Nationals, have the first (and perhaps much needed) pick. After a rough start to the 2009 season-carrying with it loss-laden streaks and poor spelling of the team name: "Natinals" on the home uniform, the DC baseball folks are planning a big hit for the draft.

"The Nationals have the first pick in the draft, and they're widely expected to select San Diego State pitcher and uber-phenom Stephen Strasburg. That will likely lead to a two-month staredown between the Nationals and Scott Boras, the agent for Strasburg, in advance of the Aug. 15 signing deadline, as the Nationals explain why $5 million to $10 million is a more appropriate signing bonus than the reported $50 million Boras is said to seek." We all know Boras like the big bucks...

Next on the agenda: baseball hats are a grandSlam for the summer 2009!

The folks at Sport-Smart.com have been selling baseball hats and caps for years. With an exceedingly loyal customer base and lauded online consumer testimonials and product reviews, we are ready for a peak season of selling online. Coaches, suit your team up in a stunningly affordable PFX-600 or perhaps go with the incredibly cool, moisture-wicking QuickDry baseball hat to lighten the southeastern humidity or the Florida sun.

Parents, are you ready to watch your little sluggers out in the hot sun without shade for yourself? Every little league parent, coach or mere baseball aficionado must have something to keep the sun out of their eyes...Why not check out a Sport-Smart ladies style cap like the ORGANIC 600L and treat your body and the environment properly. Sport-Smart also carries an extensive collection of fashion headwear for the baseball fan. Feel free to shop around for the stylish SFC-630, suit fabric cap. This one was a huge hit for our eCommerce solution-Atlanta, GA based ShopVisible.

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A Baseball Hat Bonanza
By jvm
4/17/2009 7:45:00 AM  
At Sport-Smart, baseball hats and baseball caps are a top priority. Now that spring has arrived and little leagues throughout the nation have gotten into gear, we know folks out there want the best products at the best prices...Did we mention how much it matters to many parents and coaches out there that we have been in the hat and cap selling game for years and are lauded by former customers for our expertise and quality customer service.

With baseball season in full swing, don't get left behind by not providing your team with the best in the field. Sport-Smart carries baseball hats and caps, hunting caps and more. We also specialize in youth hats for all your little league and youth baseball needs.

And for a limited time only, Sport-Smart happily offers its customers FREE SHIPPING! For a short time only, "Free Handling and Shipping for Ground Shipments to the 48 Contiguous States Only. Free shipping on all online orders and merchandise must total $100.00 or more. Free Shipping is a special limited time offer only. Don't miss out, order today!"

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Tags: Sport-Smart, baseball hats, baseball caps, little league baseball, camo caps, ShopVisible, eCommerce Solution
Categories: sports blogs, youth baseball hats and caps, little league news, uncategorized
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